Pakistan cement exports rise during July and August

Pakistan cement exports  rise during July and August
25 September 2018

According to Federal Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan's cement industry earned foreign exchange revenue of US$27.57m by exporting 617,745t of cement during the month of August 2018, compared to US$20.96m from exporting 475,134t of cement in previous month. This equated to a growth of 31.5 per cent and 30 per cent in terms of value and quantity, respectively MoM.

When compared with the figure of August 2017, earning of US$22.41m from 442,945t of cement – it translates to a YoY growth of 23 per cent in foreign currency earnings and 39.5 per cent in quantity.

On a cumulative basis, export revenue during July-August 2018 surged by eight per cent to US$48.53m with exports of 1.09Mt of cement and US$44.93m from exports of 871,434t in July-August 2017. The growth in Pakistan rupees rose by 27.1 per cent to PKR6bn during this period.

Data from the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) recorded that cement exports from Pakistan to Afghanistan and India fell by 34 per cent and 22 per cent to 278,253t and 164,552t, respectively during first two months of the current financial year. However, cement exports to rest of the world rose by 149 per cent to about 633,385t during this period.

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