Mozambican producers must now include expiry on packaging

Mozambican producers must now include expiry on packaging
20 November 2018

Cement producers, both domestic and foreign, must now put an expiry date on products sold in Mozambique. Virginia Muianga, spokesperson for the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE), announced that the decision was the result of work undertaken on the production, labelling, sale and transport of cement.

"From the work done on the ground, we found that essential elements were not clear – such as the expiry date and the quality of the cement", said Ms Muianga. "We are obliging the factories to put these details on the labels".

Ms Muianga also stated that cement sold must be at least three weeks from its expiry date. "Anybody who goes to the market looking for cement, must be able to observe the date of production, the type of cement, the quality and the price", she said.

Furthermore, the INAE wishes to stop the sale of cement in the streets, where it is unprotected from the elements. Therefore, discussions are underway with municipal authorities to provide spaces where businesses can store the product in warehouses.

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