Dominican Republic to see 4% growth in cement sales

Dominican Republic to see 4% growth in cement sales
06 December 2018

Cement producers in the Dominican Republic expect to see cement sales increase 4.1 per cent YoY by the end of the year, according to the Dominican Association of Producers of Cement Portland (ADOCEM). In 2017 cement dispatches decreased two per cent YoY.

“We are pleased to have managed to resume the upward trajectory we had been experiencing years ago, and which we predict will continue in the short and medium term," said Adocem President, Rayza Rodríguez.

She highlighted the need for the reactivation of public works and for dialogue and coordinated work with other parts of the construction productivity chain. “Everyone knows that the global environment is changing and requires us to prepare as a country and as a sector, but to adapt to that reality will depend on maintaining an economic and legal framework that ensures a global playing field, and provides security and stability for our investments,” she said.

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