Algeria exports first shipment to Niger

Algeria exports first shipment to Niger
11 February 2019

Algeria’s first exports to Niger were carried out on 9 February by El-Hamel Sidi Moussa’s cement plant in Timegtène, 270km east of Adrar. The cement works shipped 2000t.

Going forward, exports from Timegtène are planned at a rate of 8000tpm, using trucks of Logitrans.

"The group's services have mobilised significant human and material resources, including 50 trucks, to regularly deliver the goods produced to the region of Agades (Niger), over a distance of 2000km, via the border post of In-Guezzam, (wilaya of Tamanrasset)," said Boualem Kini, chairman and CEO of Logitrans.

Further exports to Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso are planned. Algeria aims to increase its cement exports to US$0.5bn in the next five years, according to the Minister of Industry and Mines, Youcef Yousfi. In 2018 cement exports reached 1Mt and the ministry has set a target of export volumes of 2Mt for 2019.

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