Cement prices fall in Bangladesh

Cement prices fall in Bangladesh
11 October 2019

Key building materials such as cement and steel rods have recorded a price decline in Bangladesh over the last three months on the back of sluggish demand, according to local traders. The demand for construction work has been negatively impacted by the monsoon season.

As such, the price of cement has fallen by BDT40-50/50kg bag (US$0.47-0.59/50kg bag) when compared to prices in July.

"Each 50kg bag of cement is now selling at between BDT420 and BDT460, depending on the brands," said Khalilur Rahman, a trader in Dhaka’s Green Road area, to The Financial Times.

Mr Rahman noted that millers had increased the price of cement in July following an increase in tax and gas tariffs for the industrial units.

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