Aalborg Excel® is launched by Cementir

Aalborg Excel® is launched by Cementir
06 December 2019

Allborg Excel® is teh latest product in the Aalborg INWHITE Solution® range

Allborg Excel® is the latest product

in the Aalborg INWHITE Solution® range

AALBORG EXCEL®, the second UHPC premixed product, developed under the AALBORG INWHITE SOLUTION® has been launched. The product can satisfy manufacturers to seek the ultimate surface detailing and aesthetical expression, within aesthetic and architectural applications, claims AALBORG.

AALBORG EXCEL® is self-levelling and fast flowing, allowing combinations with pigments and fibres, achieving very smooth surface finishes, even with the most challenging shapes, adds the company.

Based on the Cementir's newest binder patent technology FUTURECEM™, Cementir's two UHPC premix products AALBORG EXTREME® (The first UHPC product in the INWHITE Family)and AALBORG EXCEL® have unique properties and characteristics with a similar high compressive strength, and excellent properties in terms of tensile strength, shrinkage and durability.

The technology behind the EXTREME and EXCEL binders does not include silica fume, quartz flour, slag or fly ash in the formulation, which results in a unique offer among the UHPC spectrum of products. It still offers, however, highly advantageous pozzolanic components from a sustainable source, says Cementir. Self-levelling properties, long open time, high durability and high compressive strength, in the range of 140MPa, makes EXCEL the perfect fit for architectural applications with thin and complex geometries, the company adds.

By adding different types of fibres and pigments, both UHPC products can help architects achieve the integration of structure, function and aesthetics. They are perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of thin/slim concrete products with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability performance, says Cementir.

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