Semen Indonesia rebrands as Semen Indonesia Group

Semen Indonesia rebrands as Semen Indonesia Group
17 February 2020

Semen Indonesia has rebranded to become Semen Indonesia Group (SIG), including a new logo, to reinforce the company’s environmental efforts and introduce itself as a provider of building materials solutions.

Launching the new strategy, Adi Munandir, Semen Indonesia's director of Marketing and Supply Chain, told local press that: "We are already in the phase of thinking about our future. Cement manufacturers have a very industrialist connotation, sometimes connoted to activities that are not environmentally friendly. Therefore, in addition to launching the new logo, Semen Indonesia is also committed to creating products that are more environmentally friendly, efficient and cheaper. We are innovating to create products that answer the needs of industries that care about the environment, are affordable, easily accessible."

Hendi Prio Santoso, managing director, explained how the rebranding is also being used to introduce the new face of the company as it is no longer focused on cement production. SIG will begin to focus on service businesses that are related to infrastructure development such as housing to roads. "The company has now become an example of a provider of building material solutions that supports sustainable living by producing innovative solution products that refer to the limitations of natural resources and community needs," he said.

Doddy Sulasmono, finance director, added that he hopes that with the rebranding the company will be able to overcome issues such as excess production capacity or over supply. " We went further downstream. That's our efforts for the foundation in the future can escape obstacles because of over-supply," he highlighted.

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