Namibia’s cement sales affected by COVID-19

Namibia’s cement sales affected by COVID-19
17 August 2020

The lack of economic activity due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected cement sales by Ohorongo Cement, said Frankleen Alberts, the company’s customer relations and public affairs manager.

“Cement sales have been affected since the outbreak of the virus. We were able to continue supplying our Namibian market without major interruptions while adhering to the regulations under the state of emergency. However, due to the restrictions and quarantine rules by neighbouring countries, our export market suffered adversely,” Ms Alberts said.

“Due to the restrictions on travel and flights, the supply chain is affected and this includes inbound and outbound logistics, in terms of export sales,” she added. It further implemented monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, all in accordance with the regulations by the Namibian government, Ms Alberts said.

The company’s day-to-day operations had not been affected as the company introduced government regulations to ensure the safety of employees while continuing with operations. No of the staff were retrenched or dismissed, according to the Namibia Press Agency.

However, the construction industry had already been at an all-time low at the end of 2019 and the lack of major projects is expected to prolong the downturn.

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