Pakistan cement exports record positive trend in 3MFY21

Pakistan cement exports record positive trend in 3MFY21
19 October 2020

Pakistan's Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) released cement export data for July-September 2020 and September alone, which showed a positive trend on a cumulative YoY and MoM basis.

Pakistan's cement industry earned US$72.29m of export revenue by exporting 2.197Mt of cement and clinker in the 3MFY20-21, compared to US$66.77m from 1.689Mt of exports in July-September 2019. Shipping represents an 8.3 per cent jump in dollar terms and a growth of 30.1 per cent in dispatches YoY. 

In local currency terms, the export value increased by 14.47 per cent to PKR12.05bn (US$72.29) from PKR10.52bn during this export period. However, the cost per tonne fell from US$39.57/t in 3MFY2019 to US$32.90/t in 3MFY20.

In September 2020 revenue increased to US$27.78m on the export of 810,230t from US$21.58m with cement exports of 645,214t in August 2020. These numbers represent an expansion of 28.8 per cent and 25.6 per cent both in terms of value and quantity, respectively. Similarly, a more positive trend was noted when compared with September recording export sales of US$24.62m or 624,533t. The number of exports increased by 12.9 per cent and 29.7 per cent in terms of quantity YoY.

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