Pakistan look to resume cement exports to South Africa

Pakistan look to resume cement exports to South Africa
16 December 2020

Pakistan's Intermarket Securities Ltd has reported that cement manufacturers are hopeful that exports to South African might resume soon as anti-dumping duties expire on 17 December 2020. Earlier, the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) of South Africa has issued a notice announcing the start of a review on the anti-dumping duties as their five-year term is set to expire. 

South Africa's anti-dumping duties, which range from 14-77 per cent, were imposed in 2015 on Pakistani cement. Export from Pakistan was valued at US$14.60m in 2015-16 compared to US$63.60m in the previous year. The share of cement exports to South Africa was 20-30 per cent in 2015-16.

However, some media reports suggest that six cement producers in South Africa while responding ITAC call whether to allow Pakistan to resume export, are urging a continuation of the anti-dumping duties on Pakistan to protect the local industry. 

A local cement maker told media that the cement industry is reviewing the situation and may finalise a strategy at the earliest to fight the case. "Besides, we are counting on the government to resolve this issue as the anti-dumping duty was imposed only in Pakistan," he said, adding a diplomatic push is needed as Pakistan imports coal from South Africa in large quantities to run cement and power plants.

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