Tribunal issues decision in favour of Colacem for new plant

Tribunal issues decision in favour of Colacem for new plant
14 April 2021

Canada’s Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) has issued a decision in favour of Colacem for a new cement plant near L’Orignal.

A hearing had taken place in November and December last year, which resulted from two appeals made by opposing parties in response to planning decisions involving the plant in 2017.

The tribunal found Colacem presented persuasive evidence relating to the employment benefits the cement plant will have and that the planning applications meet the requirement to promote economic development and competitiveness, according to The Review.

"The evidence before the tribunal supports the conclusion that adverse effects have been avoided insofar as water, noise, and traffic are concerned," states the LPAT report.

The plant will be constructed next to the existing Colacem limestone quarry. With regards to air quality concerns, expert findings demonstrated that even when the operations of the cement plant and the quarry are combined, the concentration of contaminants at receptor points is unlikely to increase.

LPAT decisions may be appealed in the Divisional Court, but a motion must be filed in court within 15 days of the decision being issued.

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