Kazakhstan develops new cement regulations

Kazakhstan develops new cement regulations
30 April 2021

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Trade and Integration has met with the country’s cement and concrete association, QazCem, to discuss the illegal circulation of counterfeit cement.

"Today, Kazakh cement is of high quality and is competitive both in the domestic and foreign markets," said the Minister of Trade and Integration, Bakhyt Sultanov. "We have the second-generation plants. But, unfortunately, there is counterfeit, cheap cement on the market."

The meetings were held to develop adjustments to the tools and mechanisms for building material regulations. As a result, the technical regulations related to the safety of buildings and structures, building materials and products have been changed.

"This decision will further oblige all participants in the cement industry market, including foreign manufacturers (importers), to undergo mandatory confirmation of conformity in accordance with this national standard," said Arman Abenov, head of the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Mr Abenov noted that the new regulations will come into force from 1 July 2021.

"Now the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology will supervise over compliance with the requirements of technical regulations in the form of preventive control without a visit and by visiting a facility (an unscheduled check). Following the check, in case of violation, product samples will be taken for testing in laboratories."

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