Gallantt Industry orders ready2grind plant

Gallantt Industry orders ready2grind plant
06 May 2021

Gallantt Industry has ordered the first ready2grind plant for the Indian subcontinent from Gebr Pfeiffer, which will be installed at its Gorakhpur factory in Uttar Pradesh, India.
With 65tph capacity at an average product fineness of 3750cm²/g according to Blaine, the planned MVR 2500 C-4 represents the medium-size of the ready2grind plants. Due to its installation in the vicinity of a steelworks, blast furnace slag, steelworks slag from an induction furnace and fly ash from an inhouse power plant will also be considered as supplementary cementitious materials.
The mill will be equipped with a 1270kW main drive and an integrated latest-generation SLS 2650 VC high-performance classifier.
The customer is also using MVR mill technology for sustainable production. "Due to the special properties of the MVR mill, blended cements with a low clinker content can be produced economically. By using materials that are available as by-products from other industrial processes, the demand for electrical energy and the amount of CO2 per tonne cement produced can be significantly reduced. In this way, the technology from Gebr Pfeiffer makes a sustainable contribution to the conservation of resources and thus to the environment," the equipment manufacturer said in a statement.

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