Caribbean Cement Co 2 years accident free

Caribbean Cement Co 2 years accident free
27 July 2021

Cemex-owned Caribbean Cement Co Ltd is marking two years free from accidents at its Rockfort plant in Kingston, Jamaica.

The milestone was officially reached on 15 July and fell within the company's observation of Health and Safety Week between 12-16 July.

"It's a good feeling to know that we can break production records but at the same time keep our people safe, so this is definitely a big achievement. In the last 10 years, we have not been able to accomplish such a feat but now that we have, it is remarkable," said Andre Haynes, the company’s health and safety coordinator.

He said the company will continue the positive trend by addressing cultural factors of the health and safety programme to further prevent accident occurrence. "So we will focus on further training and developing our people as well as exposure to different best practices from across the CEMEX Group. This will continue to be one of the major initiatives that we push. Most of the incidents that occurred in the past is usually from human error. If we can address this, then we will be able to continue with our zero-incident target," he noted.

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