Cementa applies for an emergency mining permit

Cementa applies for an emergency mining permit
23 September 2021

Cementa has submitted an application for an emergency permit for limestone mining in Slite, Sweden. The permit aims to secure the cement supply in Sweden for the next three years and includes a volume of limestone which, with the phasing out of exports and adjustments in operations, lasts for about one year in ordinary operation.

However, Cementa's application extends further than this. It is partly about providing reasonable conditions for the practical handling of phasing in limestone from Nordkalk, and providing space for the regulatory approval required. In addition, the application enables the producer to allow time for an application to the Land and Environmental Court for a shorter permit of 3-5 years to be processed. 

The ambition is to be able to mine the same amount of limestone within the already-licensed area but to do so for a longer period of time. The overall reason for this is to reduce the risk of serious disruptions in Swedish cement supply in the coming years, and therefore the time horizon is of great societal importance.

The goal is to obtain a long-term permit in place as soon as possible, which lasts at least 20-30 years, according to Karin Comstedt Webb, head of sustainability and public relations within Cementa and HeidelbergCement Northern Europe. “A long-term permit is necessary for us to have a secure domestic supply and preparedness linked to a necessary and in-demand building material in Sweden. Our domestic cement production is also an important part of the urgent climate change as we are planning for a climate-neutral factory in Slite in 2030 – an investment based on long-term perspective,” says Karin Comstedt Webb.

Work on the application for a long-term permit has begun. Consultations with authorities will be held in early 2022 and the application will be submitted to the Land and Environment Court later in 2022.

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