Minister thanks by Spanish industry for energy auction agreement

Minister thanks by Spanish industry for energy auction agreement
12 May 2022

Teresa Ribera, Spain’s third vice president and minister for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge, has been personally thanked for her efforts and commitment in achieving a mechanism for energy auctions that has been agreed with the European Commission.

The Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, made up of ANFAC (automotive), AOP (refining), ASPAPEL (paper), FEIQUE (chemicals and pharmaceuticals), FIAB (food and beverages), OFICEMEN (cement) and UNESID (steel), sent the letter of thanks to Teresa Ribera. The Alliance hopes the agreement "has a positive and immediate impact in favour of Spanish industrial competitiveness.”

The Alliance considers that “in a complementary manner, it is also urgent to hold the auctions of inframarginal technologies provided for in Royal Decree-Law 17/2021, as a way to promote bilateral contracts at competitive prices. Said auctions must be aimed at industrial consumers, whether or not they are direct consumers, and their intermediary marketers”.

The Alliance explains that "despite the measures adopted at the national level in favour of the industry in recent months and weeks, the situation we face due to the level of energy costs is dramatic and with no prospect of improvement in the short term. Day by day, our industries try to compete internationally, having to do so at a growing cost disadvantage compared to third parties.”

Finally, the Alliance states that "urgent and far-reaching measures" are needed and offers Ms Ribera its close collaboration to "make its possible implementation a success for all.”

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