Cementos Progreso leads the way in 3D printing

Cementos Progreso leads the way in 3D printing
16 September 2022

Cementos Progreso, the largest cement company in Guatemala, is harnessing the power of 3D printing to help reduce the housing deficit in Latin America. The company has installed the country’s first 3D concrete printer, developed by COBOD International, becoming COBOD’s first Latin American partner.

Cementos Progreso has also inaugurated a new Innovation and development Centre in Guatemala for the research and development of 3D printing technology for the construction sector. According to the company, adoption of 3D printing technology applied to construction has been relatively slow in Latin America, while in other regions it has gained momentum in recent years, but all of that is about to change.

Plinio Estuardo Herrera, Concrete Research and Development Manager at Cementos Progreso, said, “COBOD is the world leader in 3D printing solutions for construction, and we are sure that it is the best technology on the market. We have seen with our own eyes the buildings printed with this technology. This gives us the certainty that Cementos Progreso has an important ally, a world leader, to implement the technology in our country.”

Cementos Progreso is currently working on the 3D modelling of urban and housing projects that it plans to produce with COBOD International’s 3D construction printer.

Emanuel Ovalle, Industrial Designer at Cementos Progreso, said, “I am excited to work with this exceptional concrete 3D printer from COBOD International for our innovation and research project in the region, and we are excited about the possibilities that additive manufacturing opens up. With this technology, we can build new things and transform the reality in which we live.”

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