Cementa releases 2022 economic report

Cementa releases 2022 economic report
21 September 2022

Cementa has released its economic report 2022. This year's economic report presents an unusual number of uncertainties surrounding the international economic situation, which makes this year's forecast particularly uncertain, says the Swedish cement producer.

The report confirms that in the domestic market, Cementa is facing a sharp slowdown in the construction of apartment buildings in the near future, but with a slight increase in 2024. When it comes to premises and offices, the pace of new construction has slowed down significantly compared to last spring. "The rate of increase in investments in industry and logistics has slowed down significantly, but still shows an increase compared to spring 2021," adds Cementa.

“The development of total construction investments this year and next year is very uncertain, due to rising interest rates, increased costs for building materials and soaring energy prices,” Cementa concludes.

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