Fives receives French Pillard NOVAFLAM® order

Fives receives French Pillard NOVAFLAM® order
03 October 2022

Fives has signed a contract for the delivery of a Pillard NOVAFLAM® evolution for a new production line at a French cement plant. The cement producer is looking to decrease energy consumption and increase alternative fuel use to decarbonise.

The new 65MW burner will be a significant step to producing clinker using the lowest amount of energy and support the substitution of fossil fuels such as natural gas, pulverised coal or petcoke by maximising the use of alternative fuels with a neutral carbon footprint. As a result, Fives’ customer will decrease their energy consumption, and reduce NOx emissions while increasing clinker quality.

This state-of-the-art burner will be delivered with its accessories (valve trains, pumping systems) as well as precalciner burners for the production of clinker. Additionally, Fives will supply a 35MW Pillard hot gas generator operating on natural gas and with a large turn down ratio (1-10) that is able to cope with the plant's requirements for a bigger variation range.

Fives’ equipment reliability as well as the group capacity to work on large projects reassured the customer to sign an order with the Fives’ combustion teams in Marseille, France.


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