Ultratech places follow-up order with Gebr Pfeiffer

 Ultratech places follow-up order with Gebr Pfeiffer
21 November 2022

As part of Ultratech Cement Ltd's expansion drive, Gebr Pfeiffer SE (Germany) and its Indian subsidiary Gebr Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd, has received an order for the delivery of several grinding plants with vertical roller mills (VRMs) for grinding cement raw material as well as solid fuels.

The cooperative partnership between Ultratech Cement Ltd, India's largest cement producer, and Gebr Pfeiffer is once again confirmed and expanded by this follow-up order, the equipment manufacturer stated.

Raw material grinding at the Kotputli plant will be carried out in an MVR 5000 R-4 VRM. This mill can grind approximately 740tph to a product fineness of one per cent R212µm with a 4800kW drive. Furthermore, a larger MVR 6000 R-6 mill will be used for raw material grinding at the Maihar plant. This mill is equipped with six actively redundant grinding rollers and can thus continue to be operated with four rollers in case of maintenance. This mill can then still produce approximately 70 per cent of the nominal capacity, so that the kiln can continue to be fed with raw material.

The MVR mills are equipped by Gebr Pfeiffer with GPlink, the modern system for preventive, maintenance-oriented condition monitoring. This will enable the customer to implement modern digital maintenance concepts. The MPS mills will be prepared to include such options at a later point in time.

For the grinding of approximately 45tph of petcoke, or approximately 90tph of coal, or any blend of the two materials, several MPS 3550 BK VRMs will also be supplied. These are equipped with a standard 1300kW gearbox. Among the advantages of the mill, coal and petcoke as well as any mixture of these two materials can be flexibly processed without the need for an extra-cost frequency converter.

The plant design and the entire customer support will be handled by Gebr Pfeiffer(India). The core components, such as gearboxes, grinding bowls, the grinding roller suspension system and the grinding rollers, are supplied from Europe by Gebr Pfeiffer SE. The remaining components, such as the foundation parts, the housings, the classifiers and most of the plant components will be provided by Gebr Pfeiffer (India). The customer support centre in Noida, being close to the customer, will later also provide support for the plants. 

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