First Graphene teams up with Suvo for low-carbon options

First Graphene teams up with Suvo for low-carbon options
10 January 2023

First Graphene Ltd has entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with Suvo Strategic Minerals to research and develop low-emission cement and concrete products. The agreement aims to investigate the potential for further improvements in CO2 emission reductions by combining the already successful outcomes achieved from the addition of graphene to cement and concrete with Suvo’s metakaolin, the companies said in a statement.

Metakaolin is a pozzolanic material derived from fine kaolinite clay that can be used as a partial replacement for clinker in cement to deliver strength and performance improvements to concrete and mortar products. While the metakaolin manufacturing process still involves calcination, it is carried out at much lower temperatures, without any significant CO2 emissions.

Like graphene, metakaolin has been proven to provide superior performance benefits in cement and concrete applications but it is susceptible to degradation in some instances including exposure to high temperatures, the companies noted in a statement. Research has shown that graphene-enhanced metakaolin can provide far superior performance under a broader range of conditions, the statement added.

By combining the two products in a single formulation, synergistic performance benefits, such as accelerated OPC hydration, early hardness development and durability, are expected at reduced clinker amounts. The joint development being undertaken between First Graphene and Suvo intends to identify opportunities for commercialisation and scaling up of graphene-enhanced metakaolin solutions for use in cement and concrete products.

Under the terms of the agreement, First Graphene will provide R&D services, co-develop a research and development plan to produce graphene-enhanced solutions with Suvo, and ultimately focus on scaling up production of the resulting solutions. Suvo will take responsibility for testing and validation of graphene-enhanced metakaolin products and provision of market data to enable the scale up of production.

Michael Bell, managing director and CEO of First Graphene, commented: “This JDA marks another step in First Graphene’s pursuit of greener solutions for the construction sector. Building on the success we have already demonstrated and are actively commercialising by developing PureGRAPH® enhanced admixtures and grinding aids to reduce CO2 emissions and improve performance in cement and concrete, the agreement with Suvo provides a potential path to realising even greater improvements.

The combination of First Graphene and Suvo’s products, coupled with the strength of our combined R&D capabilities and engagement with global markets, offers significant potential to develop even more robust solutions to help the cement and concrete sectors reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon emissions.”

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