Dangote donates bags for agro-waste and alternative fuel payback

Dangote donates bags for agro-waste and alternative fuel payback
30 January 2023

Dangote Cement’s Ibese plant has donated 25,000 of 100kg capacity bags for management of agro-waste in communities across Nigeria.

Being burned or left rotten on the fields by farmers once, agriculture waste, known as agro-waste, has turned into the best alternative fuel for industries. As an eco-friendly initiative, industries have started using agro-waste briquettes along with coal or other non-renewable sources of fuel. Green activists saw increased usage of agro-waste for industrial purpose as the biggest step taken for environment conservation, reported Leadership website. 

Also, the company, in its 2020 annual report, said waste materials that have been identified as viable in the alternative fuel project and are available within a 450km radius of its operations include: saw dusts, agro-waste like palm kernel shells, rice husks, maize cobs, and cashew nutshells, commercial and industrial wastes, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), waste lubricants, polypropylene bags and scrap tyres.

“We are also considering the feasibility of utilising our cement bags plant rejects and the retrieval and re-utilisation of waste cement bags. Waste materials are currently sourced from nearby Dangote Cement operations sites; municipals close to the Plants; and nearby farms,” the company said.

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