Gabon government issues cement price list

Gabon government issues cement price list
24 February 2023

Gabon’s government has published a price list for cement bags, fixing the price of cement in accordance with the decree signed on 17 February by the Minister in State in charge of Industrial Development, and their colleagues in Economy and Commerce.

Order No 0001-23 sets the selling prices per tonne and per bag of CEM II 32.5 and CEM II 42.5 for delivery ex-factory, distributors and retails in all provincial capitals of Gabon.

In Akanda, north of Libreville, CEM II 32.5 and CEM II 42.5 ex-factory prices (all taxes included) are XAF86,000/t (US$138.81/t) and XAF91,000/t, respectively. At wholesaler level, the price varies between XAF91,000-96,000/t, including tax but without transport. Retail prices are XAF4750/50kg bag for CEM II 32.5 cement and XAF5000/50kg bag for CEM II 42.5 product.

In Franceville (Haut-Ogooué province), Mouila and Tchibanga (Nyanga), retail prices are XAF6500-6800/bag of 32.5 grade cement and XAF7000/bag of 42.5 grade cement. In Koulamoutou in Ogooué-Lolo a bag of 32.5 type cement costs XAF7500 while 42.5 type cement retails at XAF8000.

In Lambaréné (Moyen-Ogooué), Makokou (Ogooué-Ivindo), Port-Gentil (Ogooué-Maritim) and Oyem (Woleu-Ntem), prices vary between XAF5000-6000.

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