CEMEX España enters CCU agreement with ETFuels

CEMEX España enters CCU agreement with ETFuels
27 February 2023

CEMEX España has signed an agreement with the green fuel producer ETFuels to transform CO2 from the CEMEX cement plant in Alicante, Spain, into green fuels. Under the agreement, ETFuels will combine up to 450,000tpa of captured CO2 with green hydrogen to produce more sustainable fuels in the form of green methanol (e-methanol). 

“Our goal of reaching zero net CO2 emissions is achievable, and will be driven by collaboration and innovation,” said Fernando González-Olivieri, CEO, CEMEX. “Our decarbonisation roadmap includes reducing emissions to the lowest possible level through proven technologies such as clinker substitution and alternative fuels. New technologies, such as rapidly developing CCUS initiatives, will need to take care of the remaining emissions to meet our ambitious 2050 targets.”

The fuel produced under this agreement is expected to be used in the shipping industry, with the goal of further reducing total carbon emissions from the global supply chain. “ETFuels is honoured to work with CEMEX on our joint ambition towards industrial decarbonisation. This pioneering fuel production project combined with carbon capture and utilisation presents a scalable way to decarbonise supply chains, and fully aligns with our vision of delivering a hyperscale energy transition into commercially viable solutions,” said Lara Naqushbandi, CEO of ETFuels.

According to CEMEX, this carbon utilisation project demonstrates significant progress in evaluating and scaling up technologies designed to contribute to efforts to accelerate the decarbonisation of the cement production process. 

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