CarbonRe gains valuable feedback from UK plant visit

CarbonRe gains valuable feedback from UK plant visit
24 April 2023

The machine learning (ML) team at CarbonRe recently visited Breedon's Hope Cement Works in Derbyshire, UK and spent a day talking with plant operators who are working with the company’s Delta Zero product for kiln and preheater optimisation.

CarbonRe found that a major theme stood out for them on their plant visit, the human side of process engineering. Each operator has their own preferences and biases in how they operate the plant which affects how each operator trusts and uses CarbonRe’s software.  

“The plant visit underlined the need for CarbonRe's team to strive not only for perfect recommendations, but to be able to build trust in the recommendations that AI is giving,” said Theo Wolf, machine leaning engineer at CarbonRe. 

Feedback from such plant visits will go into CarbonRe's future upgrades of its Delta Zero platform. 

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