Buzzi Unicem posts 1Q23 consolidated net sales of EUR955.9m

Buzzi Unicem posts 1Q23 consolidated net sales of EUR955.9m
15 May 2023

Consolidated net sales for Buzzi Unicem in the 1Q23 reached EUR955.9m, a rise of 19.5 per cent compared to EUR8000.1m the 1Q22. However, Buzzi Unicem reported to a decline in sales volumes for the group in the first three months of 2023, both for cement (-8.8 per cent) and ready-mix concrete (-12.2 per cent).

The strengthening of cement prices offset lower volumes in sales. Cement sales totalled 5,803,000t in the 1Q23 compared to 6,363,000t in the 1Q22. Ready-mix sales totalled 2,364,000Mm3 in the 1Q23, down from 2,693,000Mm3 recorded in the 1Q22.

Regional 1Q23 performances
In Italy net sales increased by 24.8 per cent from EUR163.3m to EUR203.7m, while in the USA net sales reached EUR375m, up 24 per cent compared to EU301.9m in the 1Q22. Central Europe saw less demand with net sales in Germany totalling EUR195.1m up 11.5 per cent from EUR175.4m in the 1Q22. Net sales in Luxembourg and The Netherlands amounted to EUR53.9m, up 3.7 per cent from EUR52m in the 1Q22. 

Net sales rose for the most part in eastern Europe. In the Czech Republic net sales reached EUR40.6m up nine per cent from EUR37.3m in the 1Q22 and in Poland net sales rose by 13.8 per cent to EUR33.2m. Russian net sales stood at EUR60.1m, up 57.3 per cent compared to EUR38.2m in the 1QQ22. But in the Ukraine, net sales fell by 26.1 per cent to EUR9.7m from EUR13.1m in the 1Q22.

Mexican net sales totalled EUR242m, up 45.2 per cent from EUR166m in the 1Q22. Brazilian net sales were also strong reaching EU75.2m, up 23.1 per cent from EUR92.5m in the 1Q22.

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