Aalborg Portland signs letter of intent on CO2 storage hub

Aalborg Portland signs letter of intent on CO2 storage hub
12 June 2023

Aalborg Portland and Fidelis New Energy have signed a letter of intent enabling the cement producer to potentially supply more than 400,000t of CO2 to the Norne Carbon Storage Hub in Aalborg through a direct pipeline connection by 2030. Norne is Denmark's first large-scale facility for handling captured CO2 in Aalborg and was announced by Fidelis in May this year. 

"We have been closely following Fidelis' plans for the construction of Denmark's first large-scale CO2 handling facility in Aalborg with great interest. CO2 capture plays a key role in Aalborg Portland's transition process, where we aim to capture a minimum of 400,000t of CO2 per year by 2030, but we also aim even higher. Fidelis' facility is planned to be established just a few kilometers from Aalborg Portland, and therefore, this letter of intent makes a lot of sense," says Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, CCO of Aalborg Portland. 

In May 2023 Fidelis announced the Norne Carbon Storage Hub, an onshore CO2 storage network in Denmark for CO2 storage with plants in both Aalborg and Kalundborg.Fidelis and Port of Aalborg entered into an agreement on the establishment of Denmark's first plant for handling captured CO2. The plant will be located at the East Port of Aalborg close to Aalborg Portland, and from 2026 it is expected to receive up to 4Mta of greenhouse gases with the possibility of doubling capacity in the future.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a safe and cost-effective decarbonisation solution for Aalborg Portland, Denmark's only cement producer," said Ulrik Weuder, managing director of Fidelis New Energy Europe.

"Norne enables the safe and environmentally friendly, decarbonisation of key segments of the Danish and European economies while enabling global competitiveness for key industries. This announcement with Aalborg Portland is an important milestone for the decarbonisation of Denmark. We look forward to working with Aalborg Portland as they take additional steps to decarbonised cement production," added Bengt Jarlsjo, co-founder, president, and chief operating officer at Fidelis.

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