Republic Cement works with landfill company to divert waste

Republic Cement works with landfill company to divert waste
19 June 2023

Pilotage, a sanitary landfill located in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, is adopting innovative segregation and diversion techniques to recover valuable materials, including recyclable plastics, metal and tin cans, glass bottles, and residual plastic waste, from the waste stream. This waste is then diverted to the appropriate recycling facilities or for co-processing at cement plants.

In early April Pilotage resident Dan Miranda visited Republic Cement’s Teresa plant to further understand how residual plastic waste that is diverted from sanitary landfills are co-processed as alternative fuel in the cement manufacturing process.

“Republic Cement (CRH Group) has been a valuable partner in Pilotage’s efforts to divert waste away from the landfill site. This partnership with Republic Cement has not only contributed to extending the life of our sanitary landfill, but also helped Pilotage provide employment opportunities for nearby communities,” Mr Miranda said.

Republic Cement CEO, Roman Menz, meanwhile, talked about the importance of having partners such as Pilotage. “With partners such as Pilotage, we are confident that our efforts in contributing towards solving the Philippine Plastic Waste Crisis will be successful. We are proud to support them in their waste management journey.”

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