Low Carbon Materials joins CCS+ initiative

Low Carbon Materials joins CCS+ initiative
30 August 2023

Low Carbon Materials (LCM) has joined the CCS+ initiative. LCM is a climate technology start-up specialising in low-carbon, next-generation construction material alternatives in the race to net zero. LCM’s flagship product, OSTO, is a carbon-negative aggregate for concrete, which significantly lowers the carbon footprint.

The CCS+ initiative aims to scale cutting edge climate technologies by developing a robust accounting infrastructure that promotes environmental integrity. The CCS+ initiative separately accounts for emissions reduction and carbon dioxide removal solutions. 

CCS+ is expected to play a critical role in reducing emissions from hard-to-abate sectors as well as supporting the circular economy, through utilisation activities (CCU). CCS+ technologies could also generate permanent carbon removal when combining CCS with CO2 from biomass (Bio-CCS, eg, BECCS) or with direct air capture (DACCS), or through mineralisation processes.

The CCS+ initiative says it is looking forward to working with LCM on the development of high-integrity carbon accounting methodologies for CO2 mineralisation in materials and end-products.

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