Scotland's MPA calls for mineral forum

Scotland's MPA calls for mineral forum
07 March 2024

Scotland’s economic development and drive for decarbonisation depend on domestically available mineral products, according to a new document from the Mineral Products Association Scotland (MPAS) that sets out a series of policy recommendations for the Scottish government. The document, ‘Priorities for Scotland’, highlights the role played by Scotland’s mineral production sector, which manufactures around 30Mt of aggregates, concrete and asphalt each year. 

Essential for renewable energy infrastructure, transport networks, schools and hospitals, flood defences, urban regeneration and housing, the mineral products sector has a key role in supporting sustainable growth in Scotland. In the new document, MPAS proposes a series of policy recommendations that will enable the industry to fully play its part.

Among the key issues highlighted are avoiding unintended consequences of devolving the Aggregates Tax, extending the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund, removing funding windows and ensuring adequate reserves of aggregates to meet future material needs. The document also discusses planning the infrastructure for material flows and manufacturing facilities, along with recognising the industry’s unmatched track record on biodiversity gain. The MPAS is also calling on the Scottish government to establish a collaborative Scottish Minerals Forum to help deliver the best for the industry and the best for Scotland.

Alan Doak, director of MPAS, said, “The detailed work we have done on the proposed Scottish Aggregates Tax in dialogue with Revenue Scotland and the Scottish Government shows the value of working together in Scotland’s interests. We are very keen to establish a Scottish Minerals Forum to bring together all the key players on the future of our industry, with industry, Scottish Government, Local Government and other key partners to ensure that we can ensure a supply of essential materials, environmental benefit and delivery of key infrastructure.”

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