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re HURRICLON® cyclone

HURRICLON in a type of cyclone designed and marketed by ATec Autria. I have attached their catalogs. Regards; ...

re Re: Mono-Chamber Ball Mill

Please can i have the same data for , mono compartement ball raw mill with 35 rings 15 are lifters and the rest a...

re Re: Bag filter design and working principle

Hi, the formulas in the excel sheet attached results in a very high “A/C” (air to cloth ration). Typically for n...

re Re: power consumption in cement plant

Hi, I would appriciate if you can send it to me to. thx

re media sorting

See the picture.

re Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

Hi, Please send it to me to. Thx

re Longitudinal Sieve of Cement Mill

Hi, Blain of white cement: 4000 cm2/g Separator: O&K QS 180/2 Production: 38 tph  

re Longitudinal Sieve of Cement Mill

Please see the new longitudinal sieve analysis for the same finish mill and give me your comments. At interme...

re drying and heating up program

Can i have the article as well please. Thx

re Longitudinal Sieve of Cement Mill

Thanks. Anyone else has any comments. What about the end of second chamber? Thx