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re cement ball mill

Also regarding yr ball charge: C1: Why u don’t have 90 mm balls? Usually it’s either all three sizes equal or t...

re cement ball mill

Hi, Dosent sound right!!! what is the percentage of clinker with 60 mm overall? check your diafragms and ...

re Stack emission.

Hi, What are the make and model and type of the two kilns? NOx can vary based on type of burner, multistage com...

re equipment to use to calculate KWh/t

Hi, Include all except auxiliary equipment like lighting and so on, so elevators should be in.  

re cement ball mill

Hi, What is the maximum of the clinker size entering first chamber? What is your damper percentage at the mi...

re proper way to take axial samples in a Raw Mill

ِDear shastrib, Please see the attached pictures regarding correct way of axial sampling in a crash stop: ...


Hi there, No during the operation there are no moisture on the bags so the gases SO2 and NOx will so and won’t ...


Hi, No there is no need when you are shooting it down because the dust on the bags are dry. But when you are st...

re Narrow coating inside cement ball mill

Hello, Where is your coating? Give me some data? If you have coating in the second chamber then the effect i...

re Regarding the grinding media in mills

Hi, See different balls quality and wear rate in the attahced. Regards; FJalali