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re Cement mill bag filters

The problem is from reaction of cement dust with moisture in BH. Here are some rules: - Good insulation (100...

re Residence time inside Kiln

Thanks. I got the same furmula from another source in ft: T (min) = 11.4 L (ft) / (Speed (RPH) x Dia (ft) x ...

re clinker resident time

Hi, I just have a reference residence time not the formula for the calculation. Hope it helps.

re kiln voulme loading

Do you mean the volume load (specific load) as tpd/m3 of kiln? Is used to be 4 now its 5-6 tpd/m3 at see level....

re Residence time inside Kiln

Can u give an estimate of residence time of material in a new 5 stage precalciner kiln with 2 peir support? I h...

re Residence time inside Kiln

I would like to have the formula that you have used as well.

re Rule of thumb for open or close circuit grinding

Hi, Its the same as circulation factor and it depends on your product blaine and seperator type. See below: ...

re Air Velocities through the mills

same for all mills in only depends on mill type

re stage 3 cyclone coating

Hi, Except oxygen issue what can be the source of problem? two much alkali removed from system by bypass? Th...

re HURRICLON® cyclone

HURRICLON in a type of cyclone designed and marketed by ATec Autria. I have attached their catalogs. Regards; ...