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re Cement Mill Grinding Media

Dear Sagarhbt , Why are you concerned about surface area? I never hear about basing your ball charge on surface...

re Cement Mill Grinding Media

H there, These are just the basics if you want to accurately do it you have to fill it up to 80% BC and then do...

re Pre-Heater Cyclone Efficiencies

From "The cement operation handbook 5th"

re Pre-Heater Cyclone Efficiencies

Hi, The lower cyclones are optimized in heat transfer instead of seperation efficiency. That is the main reson ...

NOx measurement with natural gas as 100% fuel

Dear experts, Does anyone has any measurement of stack NOx when the fuel is 100% natural gas? Please see the...

Direct and compound operation dust load

I know that the dust load in higher in direct operation and gas volume is lower (in Nm3) and wise versa. Also the ...

re Grinding Aid

Hi there, There are tons of material online, i have attached a few. Also you can see grinding aide manufacterer...

re VRM vs Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

Dear  Abdullah, Please see the peresentation from Chiristian Pfieffer, comparing ball mill and VRM for cement...

re cement ball mill

ok that's fine. tell me more about yr mill. ansewr the questions i asked?

re Stack emission.

Hi, You have 100% coal and your SO2 is this low? Almost impossible! Kiln inlet O2 should be 2%, ID fan inlet...