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re pond fly ash

Use small capacity weigh feeder and start with 2% addition. Keep checked on mill temp profile.if temp drops reduce ad...

re High CO up to 2% at kiln inlet

Please check following for CO 1. Fine coal residue on 90 micron. 2. Kiln feed calibration 3. Fine coal inherent moist...

re using alternate fuel

Dear, You need to install Alt fuel feeding system with double gates operating simultaneously so that false air ...

re How to install upright retaining ring

First Retainer ring to be installed at 600 mm from outlet and second ring should be at 100 mm after first retainer ri...

re Cyclone Splash Box and dispersion plate

For practical purpose 27-30 degree for dispersion plate and projection is around 50 mm

re whatsapp group cement

Please make me member my contact number is ,+919824443707

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

There is one simple way, you control volatile factor below 2 , ie. VF=clinker SO3/ previous hour KF DC sample SO3.

re Clearances Between Tire and Kiln shell

In Kiln running condition you have to check migration of tire. Gap= migration x 2