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Colombian cement market contracts 4% in June 2018

31 July 2018, Published under Cement News

National cement demand in Colombia declined 4.1 per cent to 943,200t in June 2018 from 983,500t in June 2017, according DANE, the country’s statistics office. The fall in consumption was attributed to a 12.4 per cent YoY drop in off-take by construction companies and contractors. Retail sales also fell by 3.8 per cent YoY. Ready-mix companies increased their purchases by 3.6 per cent while prefab segment buying was 7.3 per cent higher. In terms of regional demand, Bogotá saw sales fal...

Colombian dispatches slip 2% in May

02 July 2018, Published under Cement News

Grey cement dispatches in Colombia edged down 1.6 per cent in May 2018 to 0.984Mt from 0.999Mt in May 2017, according to the country’s statistics office, DANE. Cement sales were particularly strong in Valle del Cauca, where they rose by 8.3 per cent. However, in Bogotá they declined by 7.5 per cent and in Bolívar by 17.2 per cent. In Antioquia, another key domestic market, dispatches fell by 3.2 per cent. Of the 0.984Mt total, around 51.3 per cent was delivered to the retail market, wh...

April dispatches in Colombia see 14% rise

31 May 2018, Published under Cement News

Deliveries to the Colombian cement market increased 13.9 per cent YoY to 1.025Mt in April 2018, according to the country’s national statistics office, DANE. Antioquia reported a 17.2 per cent rise YoY while in Valle del Cauca and Magdalena, market expansion reached 25.5 and 37.8 per cent, respectively. The Bogotá market remained largely stable while Cundinamarca noted a 3.9 per cent advance. Atlántico saw sales rise by 15.7 per cent while in Norte de Santander deliveries were up 14.1 per ...

Colombia's cement market contracts 10% in March

01 May 2018, Published under Cement News

Cement deliveries in the Colombian cement market fell 9.9 per cent YoY to 976,300t in March, according to the country’s national statistics office, DANE. Around 68 per cent, or 668,700t of this total was supplied as bagged cement with a further 307,600t as bulk product. Deliveries to the country’s largest market, Bogotá, declined by 9.9 per cent while the key markets of Antioquia and Cundinamarca also reported significant decreases of 10.4 and 17 per cent, respectively. Further drops were...

Colombian cement deliveries fall 5% in February

29 March 2018, Published under Cement News

Colombia’s grey cement sales contracted 4.8 per cent YoY to 959,500t in February 2018, according to DANE, the national statistics office. Dispatches to Norte de Santander registered the largest growth at 43.9 per cent YoY, followed by Valle del Cauca, where deliveries expanded by 6.3 per cent. The Bogotá market contracted 14.8 per cent YoY while dispatches to Cundinamarca and Santander were also significantly reduced by 12.2 and 16.6 per cent, respectively. Cement production in Februar...

Colombia sees 3.6% market expansion

06 December 2017, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Colombia increased 3.6 per cent from 993,700t in October 2016 to 1,029,400t in October 2017, according the country’s statistics office, DANE. The rise has been attributed to increased retail sales (+5.4 per cent) and off-take by construction companies and contractors (+5.6 per cent). Sales to concrete companies slipped by 4.1 per cent. In terms of departmental sales, Antioquia saw its demand rise 14.6 per cent YoY, but sales in the Bogotá area fell by 4.4 per cen...

Colombia market expands 1% YoY in Sep 2017

14 November 2017, Published under Cement News

Domestic grey cement deliveries by Colombian cement producers in September 2017 reached 1.023Mt, up 0.8 per cent YoY and an improvement when compared the 11.2 per cent fall to 1.015Mt reported in September 2016, according to Colombia’s statistics office, DANE. Cement production in Colombia reached 1,025,600t in September 2017. This represents a 0.2 per cent rise YoY from 1,023,600t in September 2016. In terms of geographical distribution of deliveries, Nariño saw the largest increase ...

Colombia's cement demand falls 5% in August 2017

24 October 2017, Published under Cement News

Grey cement consumption in Colombia in August 2017 reached 1.033Mt, down 5.2 per cent when compared with August 2016, according to the national statistics office, DANE. Some 68 per cent of volumes, or 702,300t, were delivered in bagged form. The country's cement producers manufactured 1.035Mt of cement in August 2017, which represents a 8.5 per cent YoY decrease. In the year to date, domestic dispatches slipped 1.3 per cent to 7.961Mt when compared to 8M16 when DANE reported dispatches...

Colombia sees grey cement sales slip

31 July 2017, Published under Cement News

Colombia’s cement sales slipped 1.3 per cent YoY to 0.984Mt in June 2017 when compared with the previous year, according to the country’s statistics office, DANE.  Ready-mix company offtake fell by 9.3 per cent and could not be offset by sales in the prefabricated segment, where sales increased 24.1 per cent and the building companies and contractors, which increased purchases by 1.9 per cent. Cement output in the country reached 1.003Mt, 0.9 per cent lower than in 6M16.

Colombian cement dispatches slip 3.6% in Feb17

31 March 2017, Published under Cement News

Colombia's cement market in February 2017 contracted 3.6 per cent to 1.008Mt when compared with February 2016, according to DANE, the country's statistics office. Domestic cement plants produced 1.048Mt in the second month of the year, representing a 2.6 per cent decline YoY. In January-February 2017, cement sales reached 1.921Mt and were down 3.2 per cent when compared with January-February 2016. Cement production in the first two months of 2017 fell 4.2 per cent YoY to 1.959Mt. The l...