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Crown Cement to purchase Matarbari fly ash

21 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Bangladesh-based Crown Cement plc will buy fly ash from the Matarbari 2x600MW ultra supercritical coal-fired power plant as raw material for cement production, according to the Daily Star. The company is expected to sign a joint venture agreement with the power plant, according to Md Mozharul Islam, Crown Cement’s company secretary. The fly ash supply will enable Crown Cement to be less reliant on imported fly ash and reduce transport costs.

Mediterranean trading patterns

22 May 2023, Published under Cement News

The past year has seen the emergence of new trading trends in the Euro-Med region  with rising energy costs, an increase in exports from non-European countries and growing demand for supplementary cementitious materials. DSG Consultants illustrates the new trading patterns observed in the Mediterranean area, plus provides an outlook for 2023. By Sylvie Doutres, DSG Consultants, France. New trading trends are emerging in the Euro-Med region as energy costs as well as exports from non-E...

Holcim invests in Coomtech

10 May 2023, Published under Cement News

Holcim invests in Coomtech, a cleantech start-up that offers an innovative low-emission kinetic drying technology for raw materials. Coomtech's technology combines low-carbon and circular benefits to emits up to 75 per cent less CO 2  than traditional drying methods, enabling the use of recycled materials in cement and concrete that would otherwise require a high amount of energy to dry. The investment builds on Holcim and Coomtech’s current collaboration to develop a new low-carbon cement...

Heidelberg Materials acquires The SEFA Group Inc

27 April 2023, Published under Cement News

Heidelberg Materials has agreed to acquire The SEFA Group, Inc, the largest recycler of harvested fly ash for use in concrete products in the USA. Based in Lexington, South Carolina, The SEFA Group currently supplies fly ash to over 800 concrete plants across 13 states. According to Heidelberg Materials, the reuse of fly ash from energy generation in alternative products such as composite cements strengthens circularity within its value chain with the addition of fly ash as secondary...

Innovative SCMs for the US

25 April 2023, Published under Cement News

Eco Material Technologies is the leading national supplier of fly ash and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in the USA with the largest footprint and supply base in the market. CEO Grant Quasha speaks to ICR about the growth and development of the company, including its near-zero products and green suite of technologies dedicated to supplying the US cementitious market and decarbonising the building materials industry. Grant Quasha, CEO of Eco Material Technologies, USA (...

Dalmia Cement and Vedanta Aluminium team up to produce low-carbon cement

16 March 2023, Published under Cement News

Vedanta Aluminium has entered into a long-term partnership with Dalmia Cement  (Bharat) for the supply of industrial wastes such as fly ash and spent pot lining (SPL) to produce low-carbon cement. Under the agreement, Vedanta’s large aluminium smelter at Jharsuguda will transport around 20 rakes of fly ash per month for five years to Dalmia’s cement plants in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya and Assam, as well as supply SPL to Dalmia’s Rajgangpur plant in Odisha for three years.   Ever...

VDZ study researches future cement and concrete resources in 2050

28 February 2023, Published under Cement News

The new VDZ study "Resources of the future for cement and concrete – Potential and action strategies" describes a possible 2050 scenario aimed at further reducing primary raw material utilisation. In Germany the various by-products and recycled materials already employed today enable more than 10Mta of primary raw materials to be saved, depending on their availability. "Blast furnace slag from ironmaking and fly ash from coal-fired power generation in particular play a major role", ...

CRH Ventures invests in Carbon Upcycling

22 February 2023, Published under Cement News

CRH Ventures announced its investment in Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT), a company whose patented technology aligns closely to CRH Ventures’ circular, zero-waste sustainability values.  CUT’s pioneering technology transforms local industrial byproducts and natural materials, such as slag, shale, and fly ash, into superior additives. This helps to significantly reduce clinker content and CO 2 emissions while enabling cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturers to produce more sustain...

Lafarge Canada begins low-carbon concrete project

11 January 2023, Published under Cement News

Lafarge Canada and TransAlta Corp have entered into an agreement to advance low-carbon concrete projects in Alberta with a project to repurpose landfilled fly ash. Landfilled fly ash must first go through a beneficiation process to be used in concrete. This project will utilise the Ash-TEK Ponded Ash Beneficiation System (PABS) technology, which consistently produced high quality ash during trials and has proven to have a low carbon footprint and an economical operating cost. Lafarge pl...

VICEM goes for green

29 April 2022, Published under Cement News

Vietnam Cement Corp (VICEM) has used the COVID-19 period to increase its use of alternative fuels and waste raw materials. ICR highlights Tai Nguyen and Moi Truong's recent report on the projects that have seen the Vietnamese cement company reduce its production costs and its CO2 emissions over the last three years. VICEM started testing the treatment of ordinary industrial waste as an alternative fuel from the end of 2019. Since 2020 the company has treated waste, mainly from the leather...