A path towards value creation - part 2

Published 08 March 2018

Following on from the first part of this article (ICR February 2018/CemNet 28 February 2018), McKinsey & Co establishes the four strategic levers for value creation and explains why now is an ideal time to be planning a greater market presence, either as a multinational or regional cement producer. By Michael Birshan, McKinsey & Co, UK, Patrick Schulze & Thomas Czigler, McKinsey & Co, Germany, and Siddharth Periwal, McKinsey & Co, India.

Figure 1: portfolio attractiveness explains a significant part of valuation

McKinsey & Co believes that large multiregional cement companies can turn the performance picture around and create sustainable value by making considered moves in four strategic areas: actively rebalancing to improve portfolio attractiveness, improving M&A engines, choosing a winning business model, and capturing the advantages of scale. With this four-part approach, the industry leaders should return to a path of value creation and meet market expectations.

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