HeidelbergCement: strong builder of carbon neutrality

Published 15 July 2019

HeidelbergCement recently announced its intent to become a carbon-neutral cement producer by 2050. To achieve this ambitious objective, the company has not only developed its Vision 2050 programme but has also formulated a strategy and operational portfolio to match its aspirations. By Jan Theulen, HeidelbergCement, Germany.

Figure 1: HeidelbergCement’s Vision 2050 is key to the company’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

Society at global, regional and national levels is expecting energy-intensive industries (EIIs) such as the cement sector to take clear steps and assume their responsibilities toward decarbonisation. This is voiced clearly, either directly or via non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and company shareholders. The EIIs have to have a clear vision, a solid strategy and an active operational plan to make that decarbonisation happen. The political environment is reacting by defining clear targets, which are not at all aligned. On a country level even more demanding targets are coming up. Finally, and with most direct impact, shareholders simply expect EIIs to explain how they will comply with the Paris agreements to feel comfortable with the long-term value of their shares.

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