Yacuses steps up

Published 01 February 2022

Since the commissioning of its integrated Yacuses cement plant in Bolivia, Itacamba Cemento has put several measures in place to improve the quality of its cement while reducing the impact of the plant on the environment. By Itacamba Cemento SA, Bolivia.

Since launching in 2017, Itacamba Cemento’s Yacuses plant has made significant operational improvements,

resulting in a more efficient plant with reduced environmental impact

Founded in 1997, Itacamba Cemento SA is located in Santa Cruz, eastern Bolivia. The company’s integrated and modern Yacuses plant was launched in 2017, effectively increasing the company’s total capacity five-fold.

Itacamba Cemento produces IF-30 general-purpose and IF-40 structural use cements to help meet the needs of the domestic construction sector. Both products have quality certification in Bolivia and in their export markets of Argentina and Paraguay. The company also benefits from ISO 9001:2015 certification for its production and marketing activities. 

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