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re SO3 & Alkalies at bottom stage & LOI of bottom stage

Hi Ted, Thank you very much. The exaplaination is perfect.  

SO3 & Alkalies at bottom stage & LOI of bottom stage

Dear All, I would like to know what is the effect of SO3& alkalies on LOI of bottom stage cyclone in a ILC syst...

Re: Why surges are occured in PH Stages ?

Dear BK, Please check the dispersion plates of feed chute condition, angle. If the angle is too steep then there is...

Re: Cement roller press

Using the cake density we can calculate the roller through put. I am using very simple method to find the density: ...

Cement roller press

How to find the cement roller pressed discharge material cake density?

Calculated C3S formula

  C3S = 4.071 (CaO- freelime) -7.6 SiO2 -6.7 Al2O3 -1.43 Fe2O3+1.9 K2O+2.9Na2O-2.85SO3+3.05 MgO This Formula appli...

kiln feed SO3

what should be the allowable SO3% in kiln feed?

Vertical roller mill separator efficiency

Hi Friends, Can anybody tell how to calculate the VRM separator eefficiency?  Regards shiggavi

Re: Liquid calculation formulae @ 1450 deg C temperature

u can try this formula but it only theoritical.   3 X Al2O3 + 2.25 X Fe2O3 + MgO +K2O + Na2O + SO3

Re: Cement Cooler

As far as I know FLS supplies cement cooler.