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Re: Setting Time

Orthorhombic C3A is formed when the melt crystallises in the presence of alkalis and can be expected to be more react...

Re: big bag unloading system

Use the CemNet B2B system located at: http://www.cemnet.com/public/b2b/buyer.aspx    

Re: spec for cement type is OPC 42.5-R. 3200 softness

OPC means Ordinary Portland Cement. 42.5R is a strength class from the EN197 cement specification. 3200 softness is n...

Re: IST and FST

1.     Initial set.   Occurs when the paste begins to stiffen considerably. 2.     Final set.   Occurs when th...

Re: Low NOx & High O2!!

The most obvious answer would be to check the measurement of the NOx. These symptoms would be encountered if fresh ai...

Re: Gypsum Dehydration

Gypsum dehydration is necessary for it to become an effective set moderating agent. Gypsum itself is insolouble and t...

Re: Cyclone-4 Feeding Duct

The normal approach would be to install air cannons to periodically dislodge the coating.

Re: Kiln Speed

The rotational speed of the kiln is sometimes linked with the feedrate to give a constant depth of the bed within the...

Re: Preheater Fan Coating Problem

This is a common problem, although the link with Al2O3 content is unusual. Measures to avoid the problem include the ...

Re: Design a new cement plant

Normal practice is to locate the cement plant close to the limestone quarry. This is because 44% of the calcium carbo...