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Re: Abrasive resistant material

There are many suppliers of such materials and many articles can be read in International Cement Review. The use of s...

Re: Snowmen

Snowman formation is a common feature with modern, direct-aerated coolers due to the high secondary air temperature a...

Re: Cement strength was dropped after a few days storage

The first question must be the testing procedure. Presumably the cement is not still hot when it is first tested? How...

Re: Mass balance

The mass balance must include everything which goes into and comes out of the system. So feed, fuel and air into the ...

Re: increasing reactivity of clinker

You could add fluoride to the kiln feed slurry as a mineraliser.


I suggest you senfd the article to dwh@cemnet.com who will pass it on.

Re: oxy-firing combustion

The formula is kiln tpd * 0.15/3.5.

Re: Cooler losses

There are heat losses in the clinker, excess exhaust air from the cooler and via radiation from the shell of the cooler.


This is an idea that has been raised periodically. A potential problem is the refractory lining of the kiln relies on...

Re: Free Lime

Absolutely right. This is why the free lime content of a quenched, white clinker cannot be reliably measured by the e...