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Re: kiln process.

Dear HongMinh,   You need to check the SO3 content of the hot meal from the bottom stage of the preheater. How have y...

Re: Setting Time

These are very long setting times. What are the normal setting times? Are you using the Vicat needle method? It is kn...

Re: kiln process.

It sounds to me that there is some reducing conditions leading to degradation of NOx and increased sulphur circulatio...

Re: Cement Grinding Aids

No, I have not heard of this.

Re: White Cement Production

The latest technology from FLS uses a rotary cooler with water quenching at the inlet end and the steam generated be...

Re: egg yolk

Brown cores are quite commonly seen within clinker nodules when they are broken. Clinker which appears to be normal, ...

Re: kiln speed

Considerations of kiln speed and kiln filling degree originate from the days of long kilns where the residence time o...

Re: cement mill motor high temp

It sounds like a lot of work to empty the mill with no guarantee that the winding temperature will reduce to a safe l...

Re: liquid viscosity and surface tension

I am not aware of any such formulae. This is more of a qualitative than quantitative thing.

Re: Nanotechnology

Davit, I would start with the nanocem webiste: www.nanocem.org Best regards Dr Michael Clark