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Re: Grate cooler

What do you mean by transport efficiency?


The hotter the secondary air the more difficult it is to entrain the required volume of combustion air into the flame...

Re: Kiln hood pressure

More likelihood of the hood going under pressure if there is a disturbance in the kiln.

Re: is cogeneration from waste gases in cement is renewable energy

Waste heat recovery is related to the cement plant from which the waste heat is being recovered and cannot be said to...

Re: Kilnhood temperature

No, you cannot use the hood temperature as a reliable indicator of burning zone temperature. It will primarily indica...

Re: Raw Meal PSD

I presume you mean that there are two peaks in the particle size distribution? If so then the nature of the raw mater...


If you click on Article Research on CemNet and search for coating you get 111 articles.

Re: Preclaciner loading

Most often you see a residence time talked about for a precalciner rather than a volumetric loading. Of course volume...

Re: Trace Heating for fine coal hopper

Its would be entirely possible for condensation of water to form with temperatures as low as 4 degree C. That will be...

Re: AF

I presume AF is alumina modulus? Changes in alumina modulus will affect the quantity and viscosity of the flux and th...