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Re: Replacing coal by natural gas in kilns

There are at least 2 reasons why cement kilns fired with natural gas are less productive than those fired with solid ...

Re: kiln rpm

We need to know much more before we could give any response. Why do you want to run the kiln at more than 3 rpm? What...

Re: secondary air temperature

You need to stabilise the secondary air temperature. the fluctuations are worse than if the temperature was always o...

Re: Raw meal residue and clinker litre weight

Measuring two residues allows the Rosin Rammler distribution line to be calculated. The residues of quartz at the coa...

Re: Clinker weight

Normally there is clinker conveying route out of the process to allow for diversion of off-specification clinker. The...

Re: Bulk Density out of Range

This sounds unlikely. How is the book inventory arrived at? Does the variation show any correlation with the levels i...

Re: how to improve quality of clinker

There could be many reasons for low strengths. You are right to think about the main burner, but why increase fuel? P...

Re: Set controller

Hydrating cement creates a highly alkaline pore solution. This will overwhelm the pH of the set controller.

Re: Water of crystalisation

This will involve measurement of the loss in weight at successively higher temperatures.

Re: PH Outlet Gas Flow

Yes, you must also calculate the composition of the gas based on the composition of the kiln feed and fuels.