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Re: burning of aromatic hydrocarbons

The main burner would be the place to burn such a fuel on a wet kiln. A liquid injection channel would be required th...

Re: Coal Mill Pulverized Coal 200 Mesh

I presume this was pulverised coal rather than clinker from a coal mill? It is possible that the coal has become easi...

Re: Stickiness of Cement

This depends what you mean by the Type I/II cement being “sticky”. My suspicion with these type of problem is always ...

Re: Red spot

Thanks for that. Obviously quite a few bricks were out of the lining. A very dangerous situation for the kiln shell a...

Re: pyro floor cooler and pyro step cooler

Which two coolers are you referring to?

Re: Cement Book

Have you looked at the Cement Plant Operations Handbook ? It's free with a subscription to International Cement ...

Re: Cyclone Draft

There is negative pressure in every cyclone of a suspension preheater. That negative pressure is created by the induc...

Re: volcanic tuff

No-one can be sure, but I would expect any changes in combinability temperature or thermal energy consumption to be b...

Re: volcanic tuff

Dependent on the chemical composition of the tuff there is no reason not to do this.

Re: % Chloride limit

Chloride commonly concentrates by around 100x in the hot meal so 0.02% input on clinker in kiln feed and fuels is nor...