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Re: Kiln Firing with Natural Gas

Natural gas has a higher hydrogen content than other fuels, therefore the volume of exhaust gases produced is higher.

Re: Grindiability & Mill Shaft Power

There is no direct relationship between Bond Work Index and the shaft power, just as there is no direct relationship ...

Re: Kiln Control

Do you have any automatic control loops? Is there any water injection responding to changing gas temperatures? Withou...

Re: Kiln Control

If the kiln process is in equilibrium then if you increase the feed rate only the draft will fall as more CO2 from ca...

Re: Kiln Control

I think that the response to such a change in the process would be kiln specific. Nobody can say by how much the back...

Re: aragonite (CaCO3)

I agree with Ted. I doubt if you would be able to detect any affect of small quantities of aragonite on the operation...

Re: Blended cement

This approach to producing blended cements is well known. A very well known example would be the L'Amali factory of L...

Re: Raw mix virtual silo control

I have never heard of it, but imagine you work to produce a virtual batch of however many tonnes of raw mix. This wou...

Re: Preheater temperature.

Dear HingMinh, Have you checked the coal fineness? Dr Michael Clark

Re: Preheater temperature.

To summarise: (i) NOx has reduced, (ii) kiln speed has been reduced, (iii) kiln has dust, (iv) meal chute temperature...