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Re: Cement books

The Cement Plant Operations Handbook is produced by International Cement Review. Look under publications on this webs...

Re: clinker factor

The majority of Portland cement clinker manufactured around the world has a lime saturation of between 90 and 100%. T...

Re: Inline calciner

An in-line calciner can be configured to reduce NOx emissions by creation of a reducing zone in the calciner by stage...

Re: GCT water spray compressed air quantity required & bag filter compressed air required

This will be a question of developing a mass and energy balance around the GCT. With regard to the compressed air req...


I presume you mean diesel or gasoil by HSD? Light up burners normally supply about 5% of the normal operating thermal...

Re: preheater cyclones blockage

There could be many reasons. What is the oxygen content and temperature of the preheater exit gases?

Re: Blaine value vs position parameter

The Rosin Rammler distribution has nothing to do with surface area. It is determined by converting two sieve residues...

Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

The true raw meal to clinker factor is given by: 1/(1 – Loss on ignition of kiln feed). It is normally about 1.55. Th...

Re: Electronic Ear position In Cement Mill

The one’s I have seen have been at 3 or 9 o’clock, i.e. at the centre line of the mill.

Re: Kiln shell cooling

High velocity forced-air shell cooling as part of a properly designed system, has a vital shell protection and shell ...