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Re: Kiln Speed

With a slope of 4% the angular degree of the slope is 2.29 degrees. The calculation is ATAN(0.04)*180/PI().

Re: Water Demand of Cement

Water demand and its variation is usually associated with changing forms of the calcium sulphate in the cement, i.e. ...

Re: Highest Temp. Zone

No, the tendency is for the best coating to form in the buring zone. The fluxes in the charge of material penetrate i...

Re: Highest Temp. Zone

The burning/highest temperature zone os a cement kiln is nothing to do with the coating. The thermal energy in the ki...

Re: use of sodium sulphate in cement production

Sodium sulphate can be added in PPC cement production. The aim would be to increase the early hydraulic reactivity of...

Re: Raw Meal PSD

Granulometry would include particle shape as well as size.

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

Whether non-equilibrium cooling leads to more C3S than Bogue depends on the alumina modulus of the clinker. With high...


In cement ASR normally means alkali-silica reaction. Is that what you mean and if so what has it to do with circulati...

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

Such relationships will vary plant to plant and kiln to kiln dependent on raw materials, fuels, buenr configuration, ...

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

There are well established corrections to the Bogue calculations for cooling rate of clinker. However, the only way t...