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Re: Highest Temp. Zone

The burning/highest temperature zone os a cement kiln is nothing to do with the coating. The thermal energy in the ki...

Re: use of sodium sulphate in cement production

Sodium sulphate can be added in PPC cement production. The aim would be to increase the early hydraulic reactivity of...

Re: Raw Meal PSD

Granulometry would include particle shape as well as size.

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

Whether non-equilibrium cooling leads to more C3S than Bogue depends on the alumina modulus of the clinker. With high...


In cement ASR normally means alkali-silica reaction. Is that what you mean and if so what has it to do with circulati...

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

Such relationships will vary plant to plant and kiln to kiln dependent on raw materials, fuels, buenr configuration, ...

Re: Hypothesization V/S Reality

There are well established corrections to the Bogue calculations for cooling rate of clinker. However, the only way t...

Re: Grate cooler

What do you mean by transport efficiency?


The hotter the secondary air the more difficult it is to entrain the required volume of combustion air into the flame...

Re: Kiln hood pressure

More likelihood of the hood going under pressure if there is a disturbance in the kiln.